Glue Spreading Machine Deck Art GS 300

Unique and easy-to-use glue spreading machine for precise and effortless glue application to the surface of the flooring core material.

Machine special features

Inlet dust collecting system – This feature enables the removal of any leftover dust from previous material preparation, stopping any leftover dust and other particles from contaminating the applied glue, thus ensuring perfectly prepared material for pressing.

Easily adjustable working thickness – This feature provides users with great flexibility when working with a variety of flooring core material thicknesses.

Simple and easy adjustment of glue application quantity

Simple handling and maintenance– Removing the rubber application roller, as well as the glue tank for cleaning, is made fast, easy, and effortless.

Glue Spreader GS 300 Technical Parameters

  • Guing Speed24 m/min
  • Application RollerRubbed With Grooves
  • Application Roller Diameter200 mm
  • Inlet Traction Rubber RollersYes
  • Max Working Width300 mm
  • Working Thickness8-20 mm - Adjustable, Digitally Controlled
  • Adjustible Glue Application ThicknessYes, Digitally Controlled
  • Dedusting BrushesInlet type – one brush up + one down
  • Brushes Hood Outlet2x100 mm
  • Total Power0.55 kW
  • DimensionsCca. 585x555x1175 mm
  • WeightCca. 180 kg